This is yoga.

Think that yoga is only for a certain kind of person? Nervous to step on to your mat because you don’t have the right clothes, can’t touch your toes, don’t understand the weird names of poses? We have heard it all and most importantly, we have been there too. Yoga is for every age , gender and body type. Yoga doesn’t discriminate against anyone and it welcomes every individual exactly where they are in their journey. So you’re new? Welcome! We are a community that has open hearts and open minds. Take the first step and know that we will meet you there! THIS IS YOGA.

Why yoga?

People come to us from every sort of background, asking if yoga can offer benefit to their physical, mental and emotional needs. The beauty of yoga is that you have the power to adapt your personal practice to support the healing, growth and challenge you seek. Yoga is a holistic approach to health. This means we focus on the whole person- the physical, mental and emotional well-being. When you neglect any one of these human traits or choose to focus solely on one, the entire person suffers. We welcome the entirety of who you are and encourage you to do the same! Here are handful of benefits: PHYSICAL- gain flexibility and mobility in joints and muscles, grow balance, tone and strengthen the body, lower blood pressure, increase oxygen flow to the brain, reset the digestive system, improve blood flow to the muscles, aid in recovery from intense physical exercise or injury. MENTAL- builds clarity and focus in the mind for your practice and life outside of the studio, reduce stress and discover healthy coping mechanisms physically and mentally, create a mental edge and grow mental grit in life and sport, build powerful habits. EMOTIONAL- create space to sort through thoughts in a healthy way, build self-confidence and release negative self talk, leave your comfort zone in a safe and supported place, recognize and work through trauma that the mind and body might be holding on to, learn to just BE and how that is enough, learn to love yourself (just as you are).


What to expect?

Here are a few things we wish we had heard before attending our first few yoga classes. 1. Don’t stress about your clothes. Wear something that is comfortable and allows you to move freely. 2. No, everyone is not looking at you in practice. AND we as teachers are not judging you either. 3. Full body engagement, transitioning from poses and breath work is a lot to focus on in a practice! It is easy to feel overwhelmed and behind. 4. Expect to be a little sore after the first few flows. Yoga is engaging and lengthening muscles that may not realize you had! 5. PLEASE take all the modifications you need in class. A modification is not making a pose easier rather, it is making it accessible. Every person is created differently, so don’t compare your practice to another person’s.