This class is an introduction to foundational yoga poses, including balance postures and vinyasa. We focus on proper building, holding and the transitioning of the body as well as the breath. (BEGINNER CLASS)

Further your practice as we expand upon foundational postures through vinyasa. Expect to awaken and strengthen the body and the mind. (BEGINNER CLASS) HEATED, (shorty/45 min class).

In this balance oriented class expect to challenge your perseverance with quick breath to movement sequencing. Fuel your inner fire as we incorporate advanced yoga poses. (INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED) HEATED

A calming and grounding class focusing on building mobility and increasing flexibility. Expect to spend several minutes in each posture, finding release in the body, breath and mind.
In this class we breakdown the logistics of postures, learning muscle engagement and release. Synchronize the breath to movement as you grow mental focus. (BEGINNER CLASS)

Chair yoga allows you to experience all the benefits of yoga through a low impact practice. Designed for those recovering from surgery or injury, interested in growing joint mobility or simply easing into a yoga practice. (WELCOMING TO ALL LEVELS)